Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sicko of the Week

Man guilty of groping Minnie Mouse at Disney

Bianca Prieto and Walter Pacheco, Sentinel Staff Writer 
9:22 AM PDT, August 11, 2009
A jury this morning found John William Moyer guilty of groping of a woman playing Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World.

Moyer, 60, of Pennsylvania, was convicted of misdemeanor battery for the June incident this morning.

"The verdict reinforces the fact that this type of behavior is not acceptable," said Walt Disney World spokeswoman Zoraya Suarez. Disney officials also banned Moyer from entering any of the company's resorts, Suarez said.

According to the sentence, Moyer has to write a letter of apology to the victim, Brittney Duncan McGoldrick. He also is under supervised probation for 180 days, must complete 50 hours of community service within four months, pay $1,000 in court costs and submit to a mental evaluation with treatment, if necessary.

Before sentencing, Moyer's adult son spoke on his behalf.

"He's a good man," Emory Moyer said. "He's a nice guy."

Duncan McGoldrick testified that Moyer grabbed her private parts while "laughing creepily". "My first reaction was I just pushed him down. I was doing everything I could to get his hands off my breasts," Duncan McGoldrick said.

Have things really gotten this bad, John William Moyer, that you have given up on women and are now attempting to fuck giant rodents? What is the nature of the satisfaction you derive from caressing the felt covered breasts of a mouse costume? Was the "creepy laugh" really necessary, Moyer? What would you have done if she was into it? If she wanted to take things to the next level? I suspect your plan stopped with the grope, Moyer. I don't know if you were truly ready to have intercourse with a cartoon mouse.


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  2. "He's a good man. He's a nice guy."

  3. I mean...minnie is kinda hot I guess...mickey is lucky haha