Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Say Cheese!

Clinton Smooth-Talks Jong-Il Into Releasing Two American Journalists

Proving once again what a stud he is, former President Bill Clinton hopped on a plane and cruised over to North Korea like some rogue 50 Cent, looking to scoop up two cute Asian women and bring them home. And surprise, surprise - he got 'em.

The news came as a significant surprise given North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's propensity to act like a deranged sociopath. With a passion for nuclear weapons, fly sunglasses, and straight chillin', Jong-Il has exhibited a general sense of hostility towards the Western world that would have made the release of the two women seem like an outlandish impossibility. But apparently even he is subject to the saucy Southern swagger of Bill Clinton's game. Welcome home, ladies.

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