Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Have Some Beef With...


Espresso, why do you have to be so unfathomably delicious and potentially deadly at the same time? While drinking you, you make me feel so cultured, noble, literary... European. But upon draining you from your cup, I begin to feel the onset of your potentially ruthless ways. My heart begins to pound at my sternum like some depraved, maniacal wolf banging upon the frail door of a timid, shivering pig. The smooth, savory sips of your robust being quickly subside to a jaw clench that threatens to send my bottom row of teeth clean through the roof of my dome. It's a delicate relationship we entertain, Espresso. I am careful not to cross you often, but like some steaming liquid siren, you send my will crashing, splintering upon the rocky shores of a caffeinated demise.


  1. Stumbling through the lonely streets of Easton PA I soon found myself in a jazz club with a strong craving for an espresso and a perfect portion of tiramisu. To my surprise i settled for an interesting second best. One sexy liquor glass of espresso infused vodka companied by one creme brulee. Whats that notorious saying, "when in Pennsylvania."?

  2. Although I do not enjoy drinking espresso I have no particular beef with the beverage. My only beef is with the huge mass of people that annoyingly (to me, anyway) pronounce it expresso. This is on my long list of personal pet peeves.