Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Freshness


Not a whole lot of explaining to do here.

Some of the sexiest sneakers I've ever seen.

Flashy without being flagrant. Stylized without being gaudy.


  1. Mr. Mistretta,

    These shoes are indeed all dope and should get copped. If possible, you should insert a pic of Marc's hideous sneakers as a form of stark contrast. Get at me.

  2. Marc's magenta sneakers are like overweight donuts that lay heavy upon my soul. It's as if he hollowed out two freshly baked loaves of ciabatta bread and slipped his feet into them.

  3. Well put. Let's gather, blindfold him, burn them without his consent, and let him wallow in the scent of the clorine/fungal scented smoke.