Sunday, August 2, 2009


These are some sculptures and installations I made in the past two years. Most of them (all of them?) touch on things like existential plight, lust and a general sense of "what the hell is going on?".

This is a collaborative piece done by me and Marc Calello. It's a life-size plaster cast of a human body which is hung upside down and suspended from several trees. Between the 8 zillion bags of plaster used to create it and its iron infrastructure it weighs in the neighborhood of 400 lbs.


  1. The scultpures are sexy, scary, sneaky, scandelous, and still. You like that alliteration? I know.
    Eric, I'm loving the blog and your articulate and insightful thoughts. I do have a review request that I would love to soon read. I saw it today and thought you would not only get a semi from it as I did, but would also critique it well. Shakira's new video, "She Wolf". Get at me.

  2. She Wolf video review in progress.

  3. Anonymous, who do you think you are being anonymous?