Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Snoozin' in the City

As I strolled down the street in Chelsea this afternoon, I came upon the large, sleeping form of a homeless man, who was lying in an unconscious state wedged between a doorway and the entrance to the 23rd Street Subway station. "So what?", you might be asking. "This is hardly a blogworthy find, Eric." Well hold on a second, I'm not finished. This sidewalk slumberer differed from the countless others that pepper the streets of Manhattan in that he looked so incredibly comfortable.

Using a fluffy, grease stained rag as a pillow and several pages of the New York Post as a blanket, this gentleman truly looked like he was having a genuinely pleasant nap. He had removed his big black Reebok sneakers and was nuzzled up in his corner as if tomorrow was Christmas morning. Gone were the traditional facial expressions of agony and defeat, replaced with a subtle, somnambulant smile of cheer and nocturnal giddiness. I considered taking a photograph with my cell phone to visually convey to you the delightfulness of this snooze, but I didn't want the flash to wake him.

Seeing this old chap catching some afternoon Z's made me want to rush home to get under the covers and do the same. I have no doubt in my mind that he woke feeling refreshed, vivacious, and ready to carpe diem. Buona notte, big fella.


  1. ha, a first person version of what the bum was thinking is in my piece, "Soft City."


  3. Yeah bro - get to work.