Saturday, September 26, 2009


A long time love of mine, Dinosaurs are arguably the coolest things to have ever existed. Seeing Jurassic Park for the first time was a fairly major plot point in my life. Between the Velociraptors eating that cow, the Brontosaurus sneezing in that girls face, Laura Dern fisting that steaming pile of Triceratops shit, and the funny cigarette dangling from Samuel L. Jackon's lips as he tries figure out Newman's password, this movie was the sickest thing I had experienced at that point in my life.

That Tyrannosaurus Rex... What a tyrant that thing was. If you don't move he can't see you. I have tried to employ this line of defense when encountering people I don't want to see at the bar. Less successful off the island. But one of the many valuable lessons I've learned from JP.

I've gotta give it to the Raptors when it comes to favorite dinosaur, though. Not only is their name utterly terrifying, but I get a strange rush of adrenaline when they jump on those stainless steel table tops. I am interested to hear what your favorite dinosaurs are, and WHY.

Perhaps maybe you prefer these Dinosaurs... That's fine too.


  1. Like a Plesiosaur!

  2. I like the kind that fly. Pterodactyls I think. Mostly because I'm a sucker for Petrie in the Land Before Time. I also think it's cool that a reptile so monstrous could lift it's weight off the earth and fly.

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  4. the swimmies have scary teeth!! I like the little running ones with the Elizabethan neck ruffs! These are called Dilaphosaurus. They have such silly running stances! I also always liked the STEGASAURUS. Those back plates are super aesthetically pleasing.