Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, How Things Change

Remember when it used to be cool to NOT have a Facebook account? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't one of these rowdy young chaps whose disdain for the mass appeal of internet based social networking outweighed their desire to tag themselves in photos. Now, though, these naysayers are few and far between, and the seldom heard, brazen confession of "I'm not on Facebook" is generally met with a variety of facial expressions ranging from misunderstanding to sheer horror and disgust.

That is not to say that all individuals without a FB account should be persecuted by means of the stinkeye, though. Pardons should surely be granted, especially in these potential cases:

1. You are older (I don't know what older means. Just significantly older.)
2. You used to have a Facebook account and deleted it due to any of the following reasons:
-You genuinely hated it
-You added a stranger as a friend, developed a relationship with them via the site, decided to meet them in person, and were subsequently raped or unwillingly fondled
-You were fired from your job due to the unexpected appearance of photographs of you making yourself throw up
3. You are blind and do not dabble in computers

Aside from these reasons, though, one cannot be aggressively blamed for inquiring why you have chosen not to join the rest of the 350 million folks who awake in the morning with an array of tagging, posting, poking, liking, commenting, updating and viewing on their to do list.

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