Friday, November 20, 2009

An Impending Dilemma

Since the year 2000, we have enjoyed the luxury of wearing glasses that are shaped like the numbers of whatever year it is on New Year's Eve.

The symmetrical perfection afforded to us by the two adjacent zero's in the middle of the numbers has left us spoiled. It was one less thing to worry about for the coming 12 months. We got comfortable, we felt a sense of security.

*Living in the moment

But now, as December 31st rapidly approaches, along with it comes a challenge to the very foundation of our great American tradition: 2010. Not unlike the buildup towards Y2K, the knowledge that our eyes will no longer fit naturally into the middle of the coming year is sowing seeds of anxiety into the minds of this nation. And rightfully so. How do we expect to harvest any form of success in our resolutions if we cant wear the year on our face as we watch the ball drop? The prospects look grim.

*He senses it...

Surely in this country of innovators, design teams are working around the clock to come up with something to rescue us from this inhospitable reality. Yes, some prototypes exist, but I'm afraid to think that's as good as it's gonna get.


  1. I have pics of a family reunion where everyone was wearing ROOK glasses...and this was way before the year 2000! Luckily, Rook glasses will never go out of style...

  2. i saw a pair of 2010 glasses...the 0 and the one are configured so as to have eye holes in i guess in the year 9999 thell figure out a way to get eye holes in the middle 9's haha