Monday, December 21, 2009

New Work 09

Paintings. Eric Mistretta. 2009.

Sounds Great
17" x 19"
Postcards, Synthetic Lei, Wood

Imagine My Surprise
17" x 19"
Postcards, Mixed Media, Wood

Seriously, Thanks
17" x 19"
Postcards, Balloons, Wood

Everyone That's Anyone
79" x 32"
Mixed Media on Door

I'm Psyched, You?
77" x 28"
Gift Bow, Mixed Media on Door

I Wouldn't Worry About It
24" x 18"
Oil, Wax, Charcoal, Mixed Media on Canvas

Everyone Was Asking For You
24" x 18"
Oil, Burlap, Charcoal, Synthetic Lei on Canvas

19" x 14"
Postcard, Vinyl Letters on Wood

You Shouldn't Have
20" x 16"
Gift Bows, Vinyl Letters, Plexiglass Box

Knock 'Em Dead
20" x 16"
Metallic Cellophane, Vinyl Letters, Plexiglass Box

Hang In There
20" x 16"
Iridescent Garland, Vinyl Letters, Plexiglass Box

How Do I Look?
62" x 44"
Oil, Charcoal, Ash, Mixed Media on Canvas

Get Over It
60" x 36"
Oil, Burlap, Mixed Media on Canvas

No No OK Fine
62" x 44"
Oil, Tinsel, Mixed Media on Canvas

We're Getting There
60" x 60"
Oil, Charcoal, Mixed Media on Canvas


  1. These are really good Eric. I love your sense of humor.

  2. I really, really,
    love these

  3. I am loving it!!! What is the sale price on "How Do I Look?"


  4. lovely to meet you or happy to meet you